Our Values & Mission

Welcome to The Simple Attires – where sustainability meets everyday fashion. 🌿✨

We're here for the young, dynamic souls who believe in dressing comfortably without compromising on style. Our mantra? Sustainable Everyday Attire. Because we know fashion should feel good, inside and out.

Dive into our collection of comfortable t-shirts, cozy hoodies, and stylish baseball hats, all adorned with fun and quirky designs that make a statement. Crafted on-demand with sustainably sourced materials, every piece you find here not only looks good but does good.

Join us in making a difference. With every purchase, you're not just choosing fashion that stands out; you're taking a step towards a more sustainable future. Because at The Simple Attires, we believe in the power of choice – the choice to buy from sustainable brands and make an impact.

Let's make sustainability the new normal. Together, we can change the world, one outfit at a time. 🌍💚



Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) collaborates with apparel brands, garment workers, and textile industry influencers to enhance labor conditions in factories. FWF conducts routine audits in partner factories and establishes Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) without fail, ensuring workers receive safe, dignified, and properly paid employment.

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All of our products are fabricated by Stanley Stella, a pioneer of sustainable clothing. They abide by the highest ethical standards in the clothing industry and pay close attention to the material used to produce their goods. The production chain, from raw materials to finished products, is sustainable.

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Made to Order

We want to be sure that every product we produce is enjoyed by a happy customer, so every piece you'll wear is made specially for you!

We are not fast-fashion, we are slow-fashion. Join the movement.

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